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FACTURAgem is our invoicing solution specialized in the Spanish market, with customized taxes, options and support for Spain.

If you invoice from a different country, you'd probaly prefer to use our international version: invoicefu.

The invoicing service designed for developers

The web is full of services, so you don't need to care about infrastructure like streaming video, storing files or writing your own search engine.
Meet FACTURAgem: welcome to invoicing as a service.

Designed for developers

FACTURAgem is not an application with an API added as an afterthought. It's been designed to be used as a service from the first moment.

We identified the lack of a reliable and simple online invoicing service and we built it; so developers like you can use our service directly from their web or mobile applications. Then we decided to build an application for end users around that service.

The first component we developed was our service API, and the rest of the product grew from there.

Developers and integrators are our number one priority

Curated API

APIs are the interface we have with developers, but traditionally much more effort is put on UX and visual design than on API design. As developers, we have tried to carefully curate a convenient no-nonsense API.

We have built a self-discoverable REST API. It's versioned, consistent, and comes with meaningful error messages and debugging capabilities. We speak both JSON and XML, and all the communications go via HTTPS so your data are totally safe with us.

Take a look at our API docs to get started or have fun trying our API playground console. And please don't hesitate to contact us if you think we can make our API more convenient for you.

Integration tools

APIs are cool, but sometimes all you need is to send invoices from a standard platform, such as Drupal E-commerce, Ubercart, Ruby on Rails, ZendCart, Heroku or Shopify.

We think it would be great if you could just use a plug-in or an extension and start invoicing right away. That's why we are already working on a set of integration tools for the most populars platforms. At the moment we are fully integrated with heroku. Check how you can install the addon and how to create invoices from your heroku application.

If you want us to develop an extension for your favorite platform, or if you have created your own extension using our REST API, please let us know!

If you need help to get going, or if you are developing and have any questions, please Contact us