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FACTURAgem is our invoicing solution specialized in the Spanish market, with customized taxes, options and support for Spain.

If you invoice from a different country, you'd probaly prefer to use our international version: invoicefu.

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How do I cancel my account?

The following page shows how to cancel your account on FACTURAgem. Once you cancel your account, all your data and invoices will be permanently deleted from FACTURAgem

Foremost, you need to sign in the application. Once logged, click the 'MY ACCOUNT' button of the header menu to access your personal data. Click then the red 'My plan' button of the left menu.

Access to account cancellation

Clicking on the 'Cancel my account' link, we will send an email to your registered address containing the instructions and the link to cancel your account. After clicking on that link, the confirmation screen will be presented.

Cancellation final step

After entering your password and confirming the form, your account, along with all your invoices, proformas, clients and everything else will be permanently deleted from the application.

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