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FACTURAgem is our invoicing solution specialized in the Spanish market, with customized taxes, options and support for Spain.

If you invoice from a different country, you'd probaly prefer to use our international version: invoicefu.

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How do I display an invoice?

The following page shows how to display an invoice using FACTURAgem. Foremost, you need to sign in the application. Once logged, click the 'INVOICES' button of the header menu to access your invoice's list. Once done, you can display the details of an invoice by clicking its number or the its icon, as are showing the arrows below.

Invoice list

Read-only url

The read-only url is located at the top of the page. It permits you to give somebody a read-only access to the invoice. This feature is really usefull to share your invoices with your accountant for example. A 'COPY LINK' button enables you to directly copy the url to your clipboard.

Invoice's read-only url

Invoice's header

The header contains the invoice's number, the issue date, and the client and personal data you specified when you created the invoice. Moreover, if you uploaded a logo in your account configuration, it will be displayed next to your personal data, as you can see below.

Invoice's header

Invoice's content

The content of your invoice is shown as below. The notes are located at the top of the invoices lines. The lines, the discount percentage, the taxes and the total are displayed as you could see them when you created the invoice. As for the footer, it is displayed at the bottom of the invoice lines frame.

Client data frame

The pending amount of the invoice appears at the bottom of the invoice. You can access the payment history or make a partial or full payment by clicking the red link.

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