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FACTURAgem is our invoicing solution specialized in the Spanish market, with customized taxes, options and support for Spain.

If you invoice from a different country, you'd probaly prefer to use our international version: invoicefu.

Online invoicing software for SMEs and freelance professionals

Make your invoices with FACTURAgem
  • Online invoicing software
  • Maximum security
  • All you need is a connection to the internet
  • Anytime and anywhere
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Problems FACTURAgem solves

Anytime and anywhere

Cecilia Álvarez

Cecilia Álvarez (Freelance graphic designer)

I love FACTURAgem. I can access my invoices at anytime from anywhere. I can also see at a glimpse which of my invoices are pending and I get a monthly report of my activities.

You will never lose an invoice again

Pedro Alpera

Pedro Alpera (Una China en mi Zapato)

I've been using FACTURAgem for a few years now, and it's a no brainer. My problems with invoices just vanished! The application is extremely easy to use and it saves me lots of time; in a few seconds I can find a particular invoice using the powerful search box.

Collaborate with your accountant

Elena Cabrera

Elena Cabrera (Freelance translator)

Thanks to FACTURAgem I don't have problems with my accountant anymore. She can access and download all my invoices easily, and there are always up to date. I don't have to worry about mailing them at the last possible minute now.

Your data always available and easy to find

Cecilia Pérez

Cecilia Pérez (Perlab accounting studio)

Before, it was quite tedious to keep after my clients so they would send me their invoices before the deadlines, but now with FACTURAgem I can browse them in just a few seconds and they are always up to date.

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Easier than a spreadsheet

The most used invoicing program is any spread sheet. Easy enough to install, and you get freedom to do as you want. But, how many times you ended up with duplicated invoice numbers, or your accountant asked you for an invoice and you had to spend a good while finding it? FACTURAgem has been designed for making your life easier, and it's completely safe.

Maximum security

All you need to use FACTURAgem is a connection to the internet. Protected by your password you will be able to create, edit, print or share your invoices. Your invoices will be securely stored in our data centers, protected with backups and state-ot-the-art security measures.

Network application

Besides, since it's a network application, you can share your invoices with your clients or your accountant completely safe and in a convenient way. FACTURAgem provides customized read-only links only they will be able to access. Of course, they will not be able to change anything at all, only you can do that. Do you want to know more? Visit our our blog.

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And... what's the word about FACTURAgem?

For SMEs to reduce costs

"FACTURAgem brights specially because of the intuitive interface and ease of use, making it a serious candidate for SMEs wanting to reduce costs."

Simplicity, its virtue

"FACTURAgem is designed for business with medium to low invoice volumes, therefore its simplicity is a virtue."

Extremely easy to use

"FACTURAgem, a web application designed to make invoices in little time with professional results and extremely easy to use."

A very useful tool

"FACTURAgem is a very useful tool for our company, and I would like to emphasize its simplicity as a differential element against other invoicing services I have used."

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