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Mesana tech introduces you to FACTURAgem:

Are you still invoicing with Word or Excel? Mesana tech proposes you a new way to make and share your invoices: FACTURAgem is an online invoicing software to make your invoices in a few seconds, and share them with your clients and your accountant with a single click. Fast, easy and simple. Apart from saving a lot of emails and time, you will be able to :

  • See and control at a glance which clients owe you money.
  • Avoid mistakes and duplicates in invoice numbers.
  • Keep your data 100% safe, without losing any invoices or client records.
  • Find your invoices and clients in a second, using the powerful search engine.
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Check out everything it offers
  • In record time

    In record time

    You will issue an invoice in 60 seconds.

  • Maximum security

    Maximum security

    Safe servers, daily backup copies…

  • No installations, 100% online

    No installations, 100% online

    You don't need to install the application. You will be able to use it safely from any computer or device (i-phone, i-pad, laptop, you name it), when and where you want it. All you need is an Internet connection.

  • Share your invoices

    Share your invoices

    WITH YOUR ACCOUNTANT: designed to ease the communication with your accountant, who will have a read-only secure link to your invoices in real time.

    WITH YOUR CLIENS: they will be able to browse any invoices you have issued for them and safely download them with a read-only secure link.